Salute to Our Community, Volume 1

The Twin Cities has always been praised for the high quality of its theater community.  And that praise is well deserved.  We have many fine theater companies and performers presenting excellent and sometimes adventurous works.

We recently attended the Anoka High School Theater’s production of the Wizard of Oz.  It was apparent why we have such an excellent theater community in our region:  we start them young.

The acting, singing and dancing included in the Wizard were of a level that could not have been learned just this year.  These young people have obviously been dedicated to working on their craft for a major portion of their lives.

As a writer and wannabe musician, I think having the arts in a person’s life is necessary and rewarding.  Sometimes it can turn into a career.  If it doesn’t, the arts are still an important aspect of who a person is and who they become.

The cast from Anoka displayed talents and skills that I believe are worthy of a career.  If they choose to pursue that, I wish them success and look forward to seeing them on the stage or film or TV again.

If they choose not to pursue the arts, I wish them the best in their chosen fields.  And I believe their backgrounds in the arts will serve them well wherever they go.

And I know, the Twin Cities theater community will welcome them with open arms, either as performers or patrons.  We are looking for our audience, and we are part of a much larger audience that needs all of the arts in our lives.

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