Poetry and Non-Fiction

Poetry published as William J. Anderson or wmjAnderson

“Hospital Bed.” Agates, May 2023.

“Trail,” “Squirrel,” “Not Quite Everyone Goes to the Lake,” “Master Plan.” Cedar-Isles:  Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, April 2022.

“I Get it Now.”  Poems of Growth Told Through the Chakras, Err Artist Collective, October 2019

“See Detail A.” After the Equinox, Cracked Walnut, May 2019.

“Behind a Mask,” “Bedrooms,” “I’m Tired.” InkStain Press, November 2016.

“Oh My God.” InkStain Press, April 2016.

“I Saw Jesus,” “Night Screams.” LaVolpe Magazine, April 2016.

“An Ode.” Lead Us Ink Chapbook Poetic Musings, March 2016. 

“Clandestine.” The 5-2 Crime Poetry Weekly, April 8, 2013.

“The Sanctity of Life.” Anti-War Poems, Volume 2, Vesta Publications, 1986.

Non-fiction published as William J. Anderson

“Evolution of an Activist.” Turning Points, Changing Times Press, 2016.

“The Forgotten Miracle.” Tonka Times Magazine, February 2012.

“Kakelugnars.” Tonka Times Magazine, December 2011.

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